Some quick tips for those new to the world of Sim

Simulation video games are a unique category of gaming to allow the players to experience a fantastical world that is realistic and yet grandiose. Perhaps one of the most iconic simulation style games is The Sims freeplay. With four iterations and several split-off games, it allows an immersive experience as the player lives as a director caring for a group of people or an individual living in a world of their own creation. Some, however, wish to take that a step further and find the bounds of the daily grind as a hassle.

What is the need for the sims freeplay cheats

This is where the cheats enter play. The most legendary and well-known cheat is the “rosebud” command a simple control + shift + c opens a blank bar, a canvas of the curious looking to push the bounds. Before any work is done one must, however, enable cheats. This step is only necessary once and is remembered afterward even if a new save is started. With the bar up type “testing cheats on” this will allow the codes to be recognised. Some find the rosebud of a grand to not be quite grand enough to take roots and prefer the much more glamorous”motherlode” pocketing a sweet fifty thousand dollars. You have to work hard for your money, but that doesn’t mean your sim has to.

If you aren’t the creative type and would rather live out your virtual dreams without the work of building your own house then there is yet another cheat for you that won’t completely cheat the system quite as much, but also won’t bring shame to your sims living in squalor. “free real estate on” is a gate opening to let even the poorest sim family live in luxury without effecting the economic classes too much. So may be next time you are thinking about evicting or even building a pool, making a sim swim there then drowning them you could instead just move them over.

Advantages of using Sims Freeplay cheats

Sometimes though people can really get on your last nerves, especially your own family, but that’s where our next tip comes in. Instead of another death, mourning included, next time consider using the mange worlds features on the top right of the menu. There you are able to transfer family or roommates over to an inactive household, which is a household not currently in the world, where they will never be seen again, well until you want to bring them back if you wish. Another tip for using the world manage button is that it enables the player to edit houses not owned by them, so you can sell that noisy neighbours jukebox, and finally go to sleep or surprise a special one with a home makeover. However you chose to use it the Sims seems to be here to stay and with it comes the promise of more cheats and if those are not your taste there are always mods to be added to games for that special touch. So when you have enough free simoleons and LP you can be on the top of the game and create your own world of Sims with their own styles, personalities and dream!