How Roblox Is changing lifes?

Roblox is the world’s largest online social platform where user can create their own imaginations to build games. With roblox you can play millions of game online and create your own too. There are millions of players, mostly young playing and creating new games with roblox. Roblox now has more than 70 millions active users and increasing day by day . Roblox has its origin in an organisation “Baszucki” established in 1989, an education tech startup called Knowledge Revolution. That organization assembled a program that filled in as a 2-D lab. For the initial months after Roblox’s 2005 beta organisation, the client network was minor—amid pinnacle periods around 50 individuals were playing in the meantime (today that number crosses over a million).

Why Roblox is so popular?

Roblox is a gaming company but not in the business of making game, it just provide the platform and tool for players to make their own game. That is the main reason behind the popularity of game and has turned many players into entrepreneur. Many players particularly kids are good at making new game that attract others new players.  There are many fresh faced players making million developing games at roblox and they even hire programmers and freelancer to keep their game updated. So the popularity of the game is increasing day by day.

Other reason for the popularity of the roblox is the amount of other games like roblox. Nearly 1 million games are produced by 4 millions players in a month on an average. These game include a wide variety of game from racing to the role playing games. This platform had emerged a talent hunt platform for many developers.

How can we make money using roblox platform?

The developer of roblox game can charge robux for various items and other activities on roblox platform. This robux is a virtual currency and can be exchanged for real money. Hundred robux account for 35 cent whereas players can get 100 robux for 1 dollars. So there are many looking to get the free robux but this is not as easy as it look.